How to gain peacefulness in Islamic Prayer

We rush to state we have submitted to the will Allah, however does our heart totally back our words? Have we submitted ourselves or discovered “Happy- ness” in our prayer, our activities and our daily lives?

“Successful indeed are the devotees, those who offer their Islamic prayers with all reality and full accommodation.” [Surah Al-Muminoon 23:1-2]

“O my dear child! Observe Prayer.” (31.8)

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The Secrets Behind Praying on time

The moves of Islamic prayer times really match with the adjustment in vitality of the universe which might be measured and felt through changes in its colors. The following are several findings from academics in their particular fields (eg. Health, psychology and others).

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How to Perform Namaz the Islamic Prayer at

How to perform Namaz

Five times every day, Muslims bow down to Allah in prayer. On the off chance that you are figuring out how to implore, or are only inquisitive about what Muslims do during prayers, take after alongside these general rules. For more particular direction, look at these online prayer instructional exercises to walk you through it.

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The Religion of Islam is Global Muslim Community

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What is Islam?

Islam is a monotheistic and Abrahamic religion articulated by the Qur’an, a religious text considered by its adherents to be the verbatim word of God (Allah), and, for the vast majority of adherents, by the teachings and normative example (called the sunnah, composed of accounts called hadith) of Muhammad (c. 570–8 June 632 CE), considered by most of them to be the last prophet of God. An adherent of Islam is called a Muslim (sometimes spelled “Moslem”). Muslims believe that God is one and incomparable and that the purpose of existence is to worship God.

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