How to gain peacefulness in Islamic Prayer

We rush to state we have submitted to the will Allah, however does our heart totally back our words? Have we submitted ourselves or discovered “Happy- ness” in our prayer, our activities and our daily lives?

“Successful indeed are the devotees, those who offer their Islamic prayers with all reality and full accommodation.” [Surah Al-Muminoon 23:1-2]

“O my dear child! Observe Prayer.” (31.8)

Repeat of the words Azan:

This is an inconspicuous strategy to motion to your body and mind to draw away from any common affair you were occupied with.


It’s a welcome to quit encouraging your considerations on the everyday tensions and transitory highs. This is the initial step by which you recognize the call to prayer, where you are about to meet your God.

Stand still for a moment:

Simply stand a few moments before praying be aware of everything that is running in your mind.


You will discover that there is nothing literally nothing more important than this prayer. Take a full breath and breathe out, removing all stresses and diverting contemplations as you breathe out.

Salat is your Opportunity:

You have been granted another chance to Islamic pray and give thanks.


But have you ever realized the different functions salat can be used for? How can you make it your Joy? It is way to overcome distress, sadness, fear, and weakness Furthermore, numerous are the hadith that portray the prayer as a mean for effacing sins and even avoiding them.

Keep your Gaze Fixed:

Focusing your eyes around the spot in which you will perform sajda. Don’t worry if you find it difficult at first.


Serenely lay your eyes on the point each time you notice that it is deviating. Be purposely moderate in playing out each activity.

Start the Prayer by reciting a supplication:

There are different (Dua’s Al Istiftah – Opening Supplications) the prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) used before reciting Surat Al Fatiha.


Keep in mind to incorporate it in yours in order to expand mindfulness. Try learning new supplications so that it does not become a mechanical thing leading you to stop paying attention to what you are saying stand in Prayer as if the Prophet Muhammad (Peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) is leading you.

The Power of Visualization:

One method the instantly helps concentrating on the salat is a basic one in view of hadith about the siraat.


The siraat is a tight extension suspended over hellfire which everybody needs to cross to be conceded in heaven. Presently envision yourself on this extension. In front of you there is paradise, you can smell it is fragrance and are yearning to reach it. The firmness of the person on the bridge will depend on their deeds and consistence to the Deen in the Duniya. Consider every salat as your attempt to cross the extension, khusboo is your safety measure to reach the end of it.

Make at least one different Dua’s in each sujood:

When you make Dua utilize the fitting name depending on what you are requesting.


For example: when you are looking for help you may call upon him by Al-Bari the Maker of Perfect Harmony or Al-Salam – The Flawless and the provider of peace. While speaking to his energy to permit things to happen recall that He is Al-mu-min- The provider of confidence or Al-Haadi – The Guide. Request that he give you and your protection by calling him Al-Muhaymin – The Guardian, Al-Raqib the careful.

Cultivate a feeling of Greatitude and veneration:

When you complete the prayer and say “Alhamdulilah”, “AllahuAkbar”, “SubhanAllah” really consider examples that would make you articulate these words.

For example: gotten away from a mischance consider that when you say Alhamdulilah, When you say Allahu Akbar keep in mind that us and all what this universe appreciates are compared to the position of Allah as a ring in the leave.

Allah uncovers in the Qur’an: “Had We sent down this Qur’an to a mountain, you would surely have seen it humbling itself and tearing to shreds by the dread of Allah. Such are the stories which we set forward to humanity that they may reflect.” [Surah Hashr 59:21]

The Prophet Muhammad (peace and gifts of Allah be upon him) used to discuss the following supplication:

“O Allah, I look refuge with you from the non-beneficial knowledge, from a heart that does not possess khushoo’ from the detestable yearning which is forever discontent and from supplications which are not acknowledged.”

The Quran says:

“So woe to these who pray. But who are Imprudent of their prayer.” [Surah Al-Ma’oun 107:4-5]


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