The Secrets Behind Praying on time

The moves of Islamic prayer times really match with the adjustment in vitality of the universe which might be measured and felt through changes in its colors. The following are several findings from academics in their particular fields (eg. Health, psychology and others).


The individuals who are still profound snoozing during fajr will face problems in manage and communication, for the thyroid is unable to absorb the blue energy of the universe.

The universe is in the blue range which is perfect with the frequency of the thyroid organ. In Physiology, the thyroid has control over the body’s metabolic framework. The color blue is also tied to provision(rizq) and specialized strategies. During the fajr athan, the energy of the universe is at its ideal. This energy is then consumed by our bodies particularly when performing ruku’ and sujood.



The individuals who habitually miss dhuhr prayer will face digestion and mind problems.

The universe turns yellow, which impacts the stomach and the whole stomach related system. This color also effects of the liver and the happiness of a man.



One who keeps missing Asr Prayer will have bring down levels of visualizations.

The universe change shading again orange. This is significant on the impact upon organs for example, the prostate, ovary and testicle which are parts of the general reproductive system. Actually, the regenerative organs lose positive energy. The orange in the universe also Impact one’s creativity.



At the time of maghrib, the range of the universe at level with the frequency of the jinns and iblees.

The universe changes red. Regularly we hear the senior citizens guidance not be outside of the house during this time. There is truth to the prohibition, for the jinns and iblees are lively as they vibrate with the universe. The individuals who are making a trip are prescribed stop over to pray maghrib first. This is more secure for there are numerous distrurbances happening. There might be interference of two or more waves with comparable frequencies, creating mirages that may disturb our vision.



The individuals who frequently miss isha prayers will tend to feel on edge.

The universe gets to be indigo and then transforms into darkness. The time of isha has the secret of tranquility and contentment, and its frequency is harmonious with the brain and apprehensive system. This is the reason when the skies get to be dim, we are prescribed to rest. By sleeping during this time, the awareness is at delta wave with frequency under 4 Hz and the entire body system is under rest.



When Performed routinely, there would be benefits psychologically and mentally.

After midnight, the universe starts to light up again with whites, pinks and purples. This color change is in arrangement with the pineal organ. Pituitary gland. Thalamus and hypothalamus(glands and organs that significantly influence the brain).

The factors of the energy of the universe are the basis of thoughtful exercises for example, taichi, qi-gong and others. These are done to take in the energies into the body. So when praying, we coincidentally absorb the energy from the universe.



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